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Dr. Bonnie V. Wright VMD's Veterinarian Itchy Skin Solutions Dog and Cats

Hello all,
    There are so many products on the market for pets! How do we weed through so many. Back when I graduated Vet School I had a customer ask me a simple question about naturals, organics and holistic products. From this customer's simple curiosity and seeking advice from her Vet about such topics my quest to weed through pet products was born!!! The more an more I combed through products the more and more I realized there were some pretty amazing products that were helpful as over the counter products and/ or that could be integrated with Veterinary Medical treatments of my patients. What I discovered is the products on the market vary greatly in manufacturing and quality and I have made it my mission to hand select products with the criteria of being more Earth friendly, higher quality, healthier for pets and/or enhance the human animal bond or products that are just down right fun!

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Here is my overview segment on Itchy Skin Solutions for Pets ( please also see each video that highlights each product shown in the overview): Here is a link to Itchy Skin Solutions Shopping for Dogs and Cats: Click Here almost all products in this segment can be ordered by calling 1-888-412-9233 (9BFF) (just mention or email BlogItch and get savings and goodies)*

Key Points: Dog ( some products may be used on cats only if specified on package label)
I - Itchy Skin Solutions: Topical Shampoos and Conditioners
1) Pop's Lavender Shampoo: Lavender has healing properties to the skin : Watch the Video
2) Isle of Dog's : Oatmeal Shampoo : Watch the Video
3) Isle of Dog's : Oatmeal Conditioner : Watch the Video

II - Itchy Skin Solutions: Supplements and / or Treats
1) Dr. Harvey's Coconut Smiles Treats: Watch the Video
2) Cocotheraphy 's Coco Chips : Watch the Video
3) Cocotheraphy 's Coconut Oil : Can be given in food or applied directly to skin : Watch the Video
4) Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine : Salmon Oil is helpful for itchy skin for Dogs and Cats: Watch the Video

III- Itchy Skin Solutions: Chinese Herbs: Watch Video

1) Herbsmith's - Allerchi - Pills comes in a variety of sizes - 90 count , 270 count - for dogs or cats : Watch the Video
2) Herbsmith's - Allerchi - Powder - Comes in a variety of Sizes - 75 grams , 150 grams , 500 grams - Watch the Video -  for dogs or cats - this product can be given in food or can be steeped as a tea make sure to let cool so as not to burn such structures as the tongue or the mouth - I recommend make sure it is stirred evenly and luke warm. Slowly introduce this product so that your pet get's used to the taste.

IV- Itchy Skin Solutions : Via Veterinary Prescription only and Veterinary supervision and direction only: Please get these products from your local Vet to assure authenticity of product ( avoid counterfeit and quality control breeches).
1) Example in video a new product Apoquil ( Oclacitnib Tablet by Zoetis )
2) Anti-histamines ( work synergistically with Herbsmith's Chinese Herbs Allerchi for Dogs and Cats)
3) Temaril - P ( Trimeprazine with Prednisolone)
4) V. Others

V- Also Check out Dr. Deva Khalsa's Book the Natural Dog - great info in this book pertaining to many different solutions to different conditions.  ( not mentioned in this video overview but a must read).

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Disclaimer: The information above does not replace the assessment and advice of your Vet. Always seek medical advice of your local Veterinarian or specialist in regards to pet health. Some items may be contraindicated for your pet's treatment plan.  Also over time some products may change packaging, ingredients or availability.

* Specials are subject to change and without prior notice.