Saturday, February 20, 2010

 Boutique Fancy Fluff:
Will be at the Super Pet Expo at the Front Entrance booth #107 we look forward to meeting you and your BFF!

The Super Pet Expo:
When: Feb. 26, 27, 28 th, 2010 (Fri., Sat, Sun.) 
Directions Link: Where: King of Prussia, Philadelphia, PA
Show Hours Link
Save 37% on adult admission tickets when you purchase them online at Just use discount coupon code EXHPA. Plus kids 12 and under attend for free (one per adult) when tickets are purchased on line.
Also see show coupon below.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snazzadelic! Boutique Fancy Fluff

Boutique Fancy Fluff (BFF) The “Healthier, Happier, More Earth Friendly Online Pet Store!”-TM With yummy treats, toys, snazzy tees, bows, collars, leashes, pet spa items, key chains, catnip galore and much, much more! All hand selected by a Veterinarian! “Just what the doggie/ kitty Doc ordered!”-TM
Remember "You'll be a BFF when you Shop BFF"-TM as we help raise money and awareness of animals in need of a Forever Home!!! Fundraising items of the month include our treats that your pet will go bananas for and our Planet Earth Line (including our extra roomy and sturdy tote made of recycled material (adopted pets and matching tee’s not included.) Not to mention our matching “Only One Earth” Tee’s for human, kitty big & lil’ pooch a like! Helping raise awareness for Mother Earth and all that live on this green planet!


We’ll be at the 2010 Super Pet Expo near the front entrance, booth #107! Super Pet Expo Coupon Offer: For THREE DAYS ONLY!: Get $5 off with any purchase of $25 or more! (If you can’t make it use online coupon code: BFFSPE : 2/26/10- 2/28/10 only)
 Free samples when you sign up for our the BFF News Letter: Veterinary Tips, Cool animal stories, pics and much, much more! (* free samples at trade show only). Enter our contest to win a free toy for your favorite Fancy Fluff when you join our BFF News Letter Online or at the show!
We can’t wait to see your and your BFF at the show!
Love your BFF

Fun Video From The David Letterman Show!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So the story begins...


Who would have thought that in cockles of the subconscious mind that symbolism of a charm reminiscent of this one exchanged between my best friend and I would come to mean so much. It was the booming ‘80’s full of glitz and excess!

   We were just kids then we had no idea what the world around us was about and were just starting to explore the vast subject matters held like treasures boxes just waiting to be revealed. We were the new comers and the next generation. Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was our new anthem. Among other things we had a taste of Tab Cola, Rubix’s Cube, Atari and we were still playing records. So much can happen in 30 years! Each day each of us make another decision, are bombarded with information and swirl in thoughts, ideas and dreams.

One might think that eventually each new jewel of information, memory, experience, lessons like that once highly polished new charm might over the plethora years fade, tarnish, go out of style and be forgotten only to be hidden away in your life’s own miniature treasure box.

Then one day your doing the most mundane of things like brushing your teeth over the bathroom sink and suddenly the subconscious acts as a catalyst to uncovering the treasure box who’s gems some how you thought you had forgotten about. Each gem of different sentimental value ready to shimmer again. As you and they reflect there is suddenly a new hue and dimension that makes you become conscious of their coalescence into newer richer collective value.

On one such unexpected days the butter fly effect swiftly started its course as I became enamored with a long forgotten heart shaped childhood memory and fond happy memories! It made me realize how many treasures each of us have gathered on our journeys through life that we can share with friends and others and how many more beautiful treasures there are to uncover on Earth. Thus this site is about “Living Earth to the fullest” and sharing, life, happiness, laughter (sometimes the tears) and the glitter with all your BFFs, whether it be your family, friends or your pets.

Thus on this blog you will experience the gamut from cool animal pics, funny animal videos, Veterinary tips to food picks, beer, wine, travel chronicles, creative writing and much, much more! Not mention tips on style, recipes and favorite picks from Philadelphia to the Ends of Earth! BFF Earth! May she and all that live on her green planet sparkle and shine and "Live Earth to the Fullest!"-TM 
Love Bonnie V.