Thursday, April 22, 2010

Save Planet Earth NOW- NEW Miley Cyrus Wake Up America Song - Boutique F...

"Wear it proud and shout it loud... there's only one's in OUR hands!"-TM

"Wear it proud and shout it loud... there's only one's in OUR hands!"-TM

    Boutique Fancy Fluff's "There's only one Earth" product line (human shirts, matching pet tees and recycled material very roomy & Sturdy Earth Carry Tote **) is the symbol of a new era of lending a helping hand while we still can, whether it be at a local shelter, partaking in a marathon striving for a cure, standing up for a social cause or helping a charity in anyway that you can.
   Not only do proudly wearing these shirts for human, kitty and big & lil' pooch alike represent a collective banding together to make Mother Earth a better place for us all to live in, but it is also designed to help raise money for different causes. Pick up your "There's only one Earth" product (s) this month and help raise money for local shelters such as the Delaware County SPCA. If you would like to help raise money for your Earthly Cause with "There's only one Earth" product line please contact us: click here!

    Veterinary run in the city of brotherly love Boutique Fancy Fluff is "the Healthier, Happier, more Earth Friendly Online Pet Store!"-TM  Items are hand selected for either being safer for pets (*), higher quality materials or design, more Earth Friendly, made in the USA, helping enhance the human-animal bond or with an Earth Friendly message. BFF continues to add more products on a regular basis and currently features our Toys, Earth Line Items, Yummy Treats, Pet Beds, Tees, 100% Degradable Pooper Bags ( in ~60-70 days), Collars and Leashes, Bows, Dresses, Key chains/ Gifts, Catnip and more... Coming soon healthier food options!

Love your BFF
Boutique Fancy Fluff
and Dr. Bonnie V., VMD

*Note: Nothing on this beautiful planet is 100% safe! You should always monitor your pet with any pet product and contact your local Veterinarian should you have any questions or concerns.

** Adopted pets not included in this BFF Earth carry tote! Please Adopt! There's enough furry love to go around and not enough homes! Philadalphia's Super Pet Adoption Day (Saturday May 22nd) is approaching fast! For more details click here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Lives- BFFEarth's Featured book of the Month! Raise money for animals in need!

Featured Book of the Month! "New Lives" See details! - Stories of Rescued Dogs, Helping, Healing
and Giving Hope! by Joanne Wannan Forward by Dr. Marty Becker
BFF Treats.
During the month of April, a total of 30% of the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to animal rescues.

This book is a great gift - not only for you, but for all the animal lover on their list!

NEW LIVES: Stories of Rescued Dogs Helping, Healing and Giving Hope, a  book by Joanne Wannan, presents of stories of hope and inspiration - where the “underdog” really does triumph in the end!  The heroes in the book are an unlikely assortment of dogs who were rescued from shelters and the streets. They have gone on to love, serve, and in some cases save the lives of the compassionate individuals welcomed these abandoned canines into their hearts and lives.

     The book tells of the amazing ways these rescued dogs are working as animal therapists or as service dogs, and how lives - both human and canine - are forever changed.  One is Leo, a pit bull rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting operation, who now visits patients in a chemotherapy ward, and acts as an ambassador for all dogs at a facility for juvenile delinquents.
Another is an abandoned canine who went on to become a service dog for a hearing impaired gentleman. Not only does Beans alert her owner to the doorbell and telephone - she actually saved his life by waking him up and alerting him to a fire!

      The foreword is written by Dr. Marty Becker, resident veterinarian on Good Morning America, and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul. Cover endorsements are from the ASPCA and the Humane Society. This book is a testament to the powerful bond between humans and dogs, and affirms the belief that it is never to late for miracles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to EARTH DAY Love Boutique Fancy Fluf!

So let me just preclude the entries below with a quote I "unearthed" while on the
 journey of composing this article that really stuck with me:

"If people really understood the connection of environmental damage to their own lives, they
would be much more motivated to preserve and protect the environment."
--Dr. Eric Chivian, director of Harvard's Center for Health and the Global Environment,
in Veterinary World, Spring 1999.

A little piece of Earth in all of us: "May she sparkle and shine forever!" - -BFF- Earth Day Every Day-

A little piece of Earth in all of us: "May she sparkle and shine forever!" - -BFF- Earth Day Every Day-
     Wow, who is, what is planet Earth? On my quest to just "scrape" the surface I found it so hard
 to even know where to begin! Well first thing's first it is the planet that we all are a part of when
we came into this Earth. We may only know a small amount about the galaxy's around us let alone
 about Planet Earth. But one thing's for sure she helps sustain and embrace numerous cultures,
living creatures, plants, terrains, ecosystems and has such a vast history!

      It's hard to imagine being in a place with out her as her green sparkle encompasses every
aspect of our lives. Like I said I am not sure where to start or where exactly this will end but I am
 for certain inspired to Begin the journey of understanding how we can all make a difference! I truly believe this will be an amazing journey as she has infinitely so spectacular topics to bring into the
spotlight and discuss.

   I was not aware of Earth Day until at least a 1-2 decades ago! But when did it start? What are some of the buzz terms? Why should I care? 5 Earthly ideas! Join the forum make your Earthly voice or cause heard!

 But when did it start?: According to most sources: Earth Day was started in 1970 by a Senator from Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson as a result of a build up over 7 years of increased concern and awareness about mother Earth. In the USA it is celebrated on April 22nd. (1)
There's Only ONE Earth... It's In OUR Hands!
Boutique Fancy Fluff 's Earth Line

(Our BFF Earth line of products for human. kitty, big & lil' Pooch alike helps raise money and awareness of animals in need of a forever home!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Earthly Buzz Terms: (Sustainable, Organic, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Reusable... oh my!)

5 Earthly Buzz Terms:
(Sustainable, Organic, Biodegradable, Recyclable, 
Reusable... oh my!)

(Sustainable, Organic, Recylable, Biodegradable, Reusable... oh my!) Boutique Fancy Fluff

1)   Sustainable:"of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged" (2)
2)   Organic: "of or relating to food stuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones; "organic eggs"; "organic vegetables"; "organic chicken"" (3)

"Benefit of organic
Organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to
 toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply,
and that are associated with health consequences, from asthma to cancer. Because organic
agriculture doesn't use toxic and persistent pesticides, choosing organic productsan easy way to
help protect yourself."
3)   Biodegradable/ Degradable:

"Biodegradableproducts break down through the action of a naturally occurring microorganism,
 such as bacteria, fungi etc. over a period of time.
Degradable plastics are oil based and break down through chemical reactions rather than the
activity of micro-organisms, so they can degrade in an anaerobic environment into water, CO2,
biomass and trace elements." (6)

4)   Recyclable: Recycle:" to pass again through a series of changes or treatments: as a:to
process (as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain material for human use" (5)

5) Reusable:: capable of being used again or repeatedly (7) Quality items that are durable,
 washable and can be used over and over again may last longer and not have to be replaced as frequently. The longer time span it is reused the less likely it will end up in a landfill! Can the
packaging or container be reused or refilled?

Earth Day Every Day! BFF Earth! Boutique Fancy Fluff !

Why should I care?:BFF Earth Day Boutique Fancy Fluff Philadelphia
Earth Day Every Day!
1) Symbiosis: "a cooperative relationship (as between two persons or groups)"
(8) Ex: Planet Earth and those that live here.
2) Don't become the next planet Krypton to self destruct !
3) You live here and so does everyone else you know and care about !
4) She is spectacular when you travel or you buy a cool new products it is
made in the Planet of Earth !
5) All the ideas and fun that you have had here has been here on planet Earth !

5 Earthly Ideas/Tips:

BFFEarth Boutique Fancy Fluff Dr. Bonnie V.

5 Ea
rthly Ideas/Tips:

BFF Treats

1)   Plastic bags and Shopping Bags: Many supermarkets and also stores such as Ikea offer
an area to recycle plastic shopping bags.

2)   Batteries: Ikea also offers bins where you can recycle batteries.

3) Biodegradable/ Degradable: Use Biodegradable or degradable products! Biodegradable
products break down through the action of a naturally occurring microorganism, such as bacteria,
fungi etc. over a period of time. Degradable plastics are oil based and break down
through chemical reactions rather than the activity of micro-organisms, so they can degrade
in an anaerobic environment into water, CO2, biomass and trace elements. (6)

3)   Try Organic and sustainable! It just tastes, feels and is better for you and your buddies on
Mother Earth!

5) Recycle/ Reuse: Recycling can help cut down on depleting resources and contributing to
landfills. I can also be helpful to swap useful items or give away items in such a manner that
 others can re-use them instead of just throwing them in the trash which may end up in a landfill. 

References BFF News Letter April 2010

(1) Gaylord Nelson Papers, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Box 231, Folder 43.

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